Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Polish individual(blonde a bit lookalike Musk) did his filthy job in this very house at probably 5/6am(in the morning) after walk to Sempeter bridge(perhaps even Otocec) as neighbor Dane Kolenc's habit was

Kolenc would go out for a walk at 4am, so people wouldn't see one. He paid Pollack who came to Slovenia(it was painful, and I would break him head but drugged up you are just observant of whatever is done to you) on what  I was taken to Ratez - Milan Kucan(heavily involved in Ratez - he knew all about one and its why Ratez) was involved. It was 2012/2013. Owner of the house involved in MK Ultra since 1995/1996 and moved here from city probably in 1998/1999 - female was interested in me, but I declined interest if her feelings were honest at all(there was a lots of anger in there do). Related to

This Pollack is possibly from Warsaw and was involved in MK Ultra for some time...

Neighbor's walking whereabouts at 4am explain what this case is all about...

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