Saturday, May 15, 2021

Priest Janez Cerar involved in MK Ultra - theory about Pope Francis now valid as he called one to Slovenia(its why I know Francis was real Francis)

 I never ever make assumptions. Each step even if logical when it comes t mater as seen here, I double check. This parish(church) was given(assigned) to Mr. Janez Cerar as permanent station bye Pope Francis after renovation probably sometimes in 2003 - renovation finalized(he might got one even in 2005, but was completely renovated in 2003 - @Pope Francis...not 2005 as you proudly announced me during your visit there).

Mr. Janez Cerar was picked for service by myself in 1996/1997. Did he attend even Donald Trump's hunger games in Poland, I can't tell for 100% - if he did, he went on to study afterwards till 2000 or so....I have memories on him from Ljubljana where he also studied...

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