Friday, May 14, 2021

Milan Kučan(in my opinion) wouldn't be as efficient and HONEST with me at times as one was if he too wouldn't lobby for Putin

 He is one of those dudes I cite, "we had no choice but to cooperate with them against you since he tralalala against us"....related to 

@US Democrats - be careful because European justice system is blind and flexible when it comes to trading with lives(not only human rights). You are also observed by foreign governments who compare your actions with whatever you preach - that means those won't lobby for someone whose politic is indifferent or perhaps even worse from evidently hateful and corrupt political party such as Republican...

Kučan-Pahors violent actions already matched those of Hitler it only takes dudes like this to switch red starts with nazi swastikas or as case is with Moscow - continue to celebrate liberation day while watching you get decimated across the pond.

In case you didn't realize somehow yet - they are reassembling anywhere from Poland to other parts of Europe(UK now almost in lead) whatever powered Trump during his presidency, so I know what is coming next will be the UNSTOPPABLE FOR NEW NEONAZI MOVEMENT(Putin is there, Macron competes with LePen, Poland has Kaczynski in power, Vucic's chetniks are in Serbia etc..). Britain now already on its is closer and closer via man made crises to bigger and bigger chance of WWIII.

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