Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Germans even discussed about my HAVE TO PURCHASE NEW TABLET because he whoever will break your computer and next one too you will buy but wouldn't destroy you tablet

 Such a good new technology that will come out dradradradra....it will be a fan that will go out hahah specially if I see you having any dirt on table dra dra dra...promised stated as soon as computer would sell and as one did few days ago here we are...I have told already what scenario will be.

@UN - and what is the purpose of your existence to this world !!????

Here is Lancia photo which I should recognized as agreed(I never did, but was told by prince William we did at the end of his diarrhea) for me to purchase...

They don't complain in Slovenian parliament - they didn't in Poland either...they like freebie$$$. We came a long way since Zakopane in 1997 - am I right Merkel !!!???? All those billions - and entire 26 years.

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