Thursday, May 20, 2021

About father playing demented the other day

They demanded from him for this very procedure to say(state to me) to me once back in home(he did) I cite, "as I walked back home I kept asking people about my son Bostjan and all I heard from them to me was nobody knows Bostjan..." with goal for me to turn and against him and against mother. Residents of Šempter and Otočec(some eve at Žihovo Selo) involved even females to entertain father during torture so they could get to me via this last issue ;)


That day on our way to Sempeter bridge from Krka, several Serbian families of each involved over the course  of 20+ years in this case(most came here via this case from Bosnia or Serbia) and have displayed ultra violent behavior during procedure itself made their appearance with few drivers displaying insane driving attitudes on mostly narrowed village road and then even on the bridge...father was forced to repeat psychiatrist Peter Kaps's MK Ultra procedure on the bridge(play demanded and refuse to return home or wait for me near or wait for me to call for taxi on what he insisted for head of these movement to take us home) for which I was brainwashed test subjects returned back home because of father's refusal to return even at midnight...


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