Thursday, May 13, 2021

About Borut Pahor and his friends(company who had total oversight of my MK Ultra case and why I was institutionalized and much more)

 Criminal insisted is necessary to break me spine, infect me with cancer because this was the way for east to obtain FREE health care related medical technology from West. 

I cite Borut Pahor proud of Belgrade, "I did this already it works well its good...I have better solution than to simply kill him"...

It sure is what powered Krka pharmaceutical and far beyond - its what Belgrade obtained from West in respect to cancer disease issues...

Niti ni samo o temu da bi človek v tujini učil se samo tujce klet - je zverin v Sloveniji kakrčnih svet ne pomni samo da piščanci ki klekate pred njimi niste in ne boste name imeli nikakršnega vpliva.

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@Milan Kučan - Borut Pahor - you will go to hell too. 

"Killer" of was killed on time in 2019 as I departed to Poland and as I observed in Slovenia from far a LOAD OF PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS CASE KILLED(some also via corona-virus), but your time as per seating on legal bench as accused of murders is coming next(I hope you get back in worst way possible 100x times of what you have done to me).

Ja tujci so eno ampak vi ste zverine kakršnih svet ne pomni.

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