Saturday, May 15, 2021

Polish presidential couple Andrzej Duda and Agata Kornhauser-Duda both DEMANDED my father DEAD prior to public revelation about MK Ultra torture concerning my case

I take my words back in respect to Agata Kornhauser-Duda as is indiferent from her husband Andrzej Duda whom she alone acknowledged as insane at one point in their lives.

Whom in Slovenia they demanded from is not difficult to tell. Slovenian favorite from Kaczynski(mentor of Duda/Morawiki - Fort Trump) was/is Borut Pahor. Another individual who embraced Pahor, however, was/is Lech Walesa. That much for what Polish politic really is.

Poland in a single sentence was my became nazi under MK Ultra per Polish convenience(accused totally via bogis issues in 1995 for them to gain sympathy from Slovenian politicians and accomplish in me self blame on which they continued to build total destruction of me) and their help(Borut Pahor - now Slovenian president involed in Poland since day 1) offered/promised to me once asked me in 1995 if I am willing to help Poland(my answer off course was yes without even knowing what "help" meant) on what life turned from worse to the worst - turned into psychiatric nightmare during which I lost two citizenships, total of 26 years of life, suffered severe health issues also implemented under MK Ultra, and spine injury(extorted also via prior forced unemployment issues - was involved along Russia in US politics) almost at the end of my life because this is duration of one life. Thats Poland in a longer single sentence hey but Poland miraculously did well for cost I paid - I was/am Slovenian after-all(Poland didn't only incite in hatred, but also pointed out stated fact via which one ca$$hed and then again tried to cash on Trump neonazi issue believing on how I would throw myself under Polish train once more)...

In 2020 when my case became already wide known, Poland again insisted on its criminal path.

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