Thursday, May 13, 2021

Borut Pahor/Kaczynski's health related issues about how I would be used for eastern Europe to obtain latest medical breakthroughs/licenses is related to for which I have actual proofs - proofs in forms of audio recordings from people who met via this case career criminals you only hear about on TV and in some cases they alone got onto the wrong paths just to be caught. I was used by Buckingham palace as a test dummy - as a live bait for criminals and as a human experiment  test subject concerning health issues. SHAME ON BRITISH COMMERCE CHAMBER WHOM I HAVE OPENED DOOR TO EASTERN EUROPE - THERE IS NO SINGLE SELF EMPLOYED INDIVIDUAL(absolutely every corporation) IN GB THAT WOULDN'T GO THROUGH THIS CASE TO FILL HIS/HER POCKETS. Fill economy pockets via this very case and for be left at the end in a ditch for dead.

Health related threats crime stated above is more than credible. Based on audio recordings I obtained in respect to my being used as a bait for criminals and regular directed energy/biochemical attacks(poisoning - sine breaking procedure) which took place against me since 2017, it would be insane from my side to ignore one.

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@British - Your word is worth what !!????

You forgot who opened doors for you - how you got there / who fed you...thank you so much for all you have done for me.

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