Thursday, May 13, 2021

For what Pahor promissed me and other Slavic politicians is that I will live as long as West will continue to pay

 basically buy my life 

This issue concerns likewise Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki, Lech Walesa, Vladimir Putin, Aleksandar Vucic etc...I suppose this is how Jesus #2 was to be made(Trump poked fun at Jesus) as they were assisted by London crown/Berlin to whom they opened doors just to get to me. Those had business people(even after thrown out of US and denied the right to file for protection anywhere on West) follow up on me even in eastern Europe with "we will invest if you help this guy"(they knew about just how sick eastern European Hitlers were in respect to my case - Merkel laughed at their hatred)...

They repeated stated to me on quite a few occasions to ensure I understood logic behind beggary.

Thats why. For world to understand cluster f*** this people created and what dwells inside of their heads. For world to understand who mentally sick was and is - they followed with physical attacks on me according to promised...did their best to come as close to their forecasts as only possible. Believed would guide me through life just as is stated for MK Ultra victims to become - toys in hands of criminals.

How long would you go for under circumstances like mine were and how !!????

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