Tuesday, May 18, 2021

King from Murgle didn't want official King title, but on the side he wanted to be seen with his pigeons as King / Obvestilo neizbranemu kandidatu

Big(in brain size as well as physically) as dick, Milan Kučan copied Polish recipe for $$$$ to which he initially objected. In early beginnings man rather resembled mentally retarded individual observing wealthy Western elites whom he as it became evident more than anything resented to have...bitter angry as one was, he would travel Slovenia and issue orders on whom was necessary to poison or murder from behind in some other form. Then a miracle happened(some three years down the road) as embicile learned from Polish colleagues that he could have all three including claim credit for businesses....he just needed me first on picture through which businesses would secure money(or already did) and then follow up with his appearance and like mafia collected anywhere from free services and more than not likely money for his partners/party...this chocolate village is one of the examples Kučan first objected too(all secured via my case) on what as owners kneed down to his Belgrade-Moscow requests due to terror, he begun to promote one. Everything jump started from ground zero about this company was-is from USA. He then(he took credit for business - Jankovic/Pahor etc. are clients here now they actually have monopoly in there now and going in there could well result in something extra in your coffee/chocolate you didn't even paid for - related to hospital cancer bill) thought me inside of this village on how nice life is next to him / demonstrated me nicer way to view torture as...

Idiot in fact objected to everything luxurious West had to offer, but once he felt profit from within cretenoid wanted to become by business tutor under MK Ultra...there is another village of chocolate where he drove his grandkids for weekends to have a good time and to screw on the side some Slovenian madam willing to open legs wide - there were such even 18 years old as dirty as Hugh Hefner this may sound - had with communism as much as I have today with last year snow.

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