Thursday, May 20, 2021

Father's neurologist truly is Croat and was one of the nicest people involved in MK Ultra

I am simply sick and tired of this whole political Ljubljana Moscow Belgrade game. This neurologist came to Novo mesto in in 1998 as observer and then permanently settled in here in 2000 I think with first employment at Krka therme in Smarjeske Toplice. It was actually like part time that went into full time....nowhere is written about her coming to Novo mesto as per when and how...nope, I didn't recognized her on first site few minutes ago when browsing internet but it did came to me who she is...she sure is from Zagreb area.

I think she moved to Zagreb(bought some apartment in Zagreb in 1998-1999 to be closer to work) in 1996 from Velika Gorica where they had(perhaps still have) house. She then appeared in Novo mesto in 2000 and got regular employment in Krka Terme 2001, bought house with husband here in Novo mesto in 2003(probably Drska-Smihel area)...had adult daughter and son, I think, back in 2004(daughter graduated - not certain if in Ljubljana or Zagreb, could be 50-50 here and there)...her husband is from Slavonski Brod - Okučani area...

This was a very good looking lady(in 1995-1996 she made my heart bit faster), but older than myself from what I have just seen on internet - still husband didn't kill me and she have forgiven me whatever I cooked along the way once she cried me bad bad Sebastian ohh well whatever was that I was upto when drugged up...


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