Wednesday, May 26, 2021

During visits to Ljubljana farmers' market(Ljubljanska Tržnica), Milan Kučan accented all the time connections he had with physicians at clinics

 Mentioned how he got read off few people via health services using criminal practices and stopped here and then to ask people with who he made prior arrangement to confirm me his abilities to manipulate/interfere with Slovenian health services - hospitals/clinics anywhere in Slovenia...he repeated procedure over the course of 10 years whenever brought to his Murgle home drugged up under MK Ultra in Ljubljana. He in 2015 and 2017 begun to insist me along Pahor on importance of exercise and talked about health issues concerning cancer I will have at this stage...did talk about what he can do to mother/father...

At Ljubljana's farmers' market specially, Milan Kučan who paraded with me smiled all the time...used opportunity to camouflage his real he.

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