Tuesday, May 18, 2021

@Dwayne Johnson

 Everyone want to be the president...donkey who eats his grass all day long and cow next to him... dog infront of the house or cat sunbathing on porch...everyone of them would want to be a president.

Not enough to eat good, sleep good, go to gym(count calories which wife/servants prepare one on plate) and appear in movies for good $$$$ for one to become a president...and you know why not !!??? Because of your presidential motto "wants to be American president equal for all" is why not...its a paradox written here isnt it !!?????

Drugs(not talking about you, but steroids yes), corruption, and other garbage(watching another American being tortured and participate in torture against one) makes you privileged if anything and FAAR FAR FROM THE BEST. You yet need to learn what best of the best is, but for that matter you need to be reborn.

As a US president, I would ORDER YOU ALL to Auschwitz where I would arrange group of Auschwitz veterans to give you a tour first hand. Have them explain you what human suffering(horror) is all about, so you wouldn't gamble(speculate/play count even on profiting via human suffering as an intermedian/broker while preaching about equality - this specially goes for Obama) with your own people's destinies(not even because of me whimpets/moppets). BECAUSE IN THERE IS REALITY - AND IN HOLLYWOOD DREAMS.

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