Friday, May 21, 2021

Mr. Peter Kapš and police had chosen as they referred to me as top Serbian Slovenian clearance individual with a reason - Russians and Americans both knew/know about him but

am unsure about how much they all are aware(Peter Kapš 100% was-is as one did designed abiuse) that Aleksandar Vućić's personal selection who at one point was so angry with me that he wouldn't appear on picture(way before he became the swiftest guy in area) got his parcel at Trska Gora via Slovenian individual who was destroyed by police/psychiatry(both), so they could accommodate his increasing appetite for real estate. Year was 1998. For what Kaps gestured were dangerous to me people(there were none as he created mess), there sure were for each of them dozen of Slovenians I know of - killed to cater chetnik appetites in here...Peter Kapš have chose him as a last desperate resource(is connected with dozen of chetniks Aleksandar Vucic imported here from Serbia or Serbian Bosnia) to stop increasing pressure from people in area...individual went on to also death threaten(that he has people who would do for him etc. - I bet he does just as was done to neighbor in Trska Gora) if I would disclose stated here is how nice/sweet he was...

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