Saturday, May 29, 2021

Too damn bad for QAnon supporters(its a bunch of neonazi hypocrites who care about anyone other than themselves as much as about last year's snow) that KING OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND TORTURE WAS/IS NO OTHER THAN DONALD TRUMP

 This individual with his beloved children is to me also what "QAnon supporters" refer to as Satan. Coincidently these QAnon also known as Trump supporters or Satanists, supported anywhere from domestic MK Ultra terrorism to child(not human alone) trafficking and of which some have voluntarily subjected themselves to MK Ultra practices to undergo nonsense brainwash which would give them even perspective on how to view things if those really would be about conspiracies they allege...Donald Trump is a extremely dangerous lunatic that have over course of the years surrounded himself with semi insane people which otherwise just like their beloved leader should have been institutionalized as a serious health hazard to society. This will happen(OR NOT AS I DO NOT DECIDE AND HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CURRUPT STATE AGENCIES/ ORGANISATIONS/ OFFICIALS BECAUSE OF WHOM WHOLE THING WENT ON FOR OVER 26 YEARS NOW) once this case gets full legitimacy and will no longer be ORWELLIANISTICLY ignored. 

Those who wrote abuse scenario against me and THEIR READERS(fans with political powers to whom abuse appealed) were professional film/movie/ book writers(wasn't one person) which embraced George Orwell alike criminology - upgraded one into totally impossible borderless crime.

Who were people who wrote scenarios on me will never ever be publicly disclosed as I will settle by differences with them in private(or you will have your own supporters deal with you and I assume that could be worse for you than any existing justice court out there)

My suffering doesn't concern blue eyed QAnon supporters who were in it to see Christ in image of Lucifer. Doesn't work like this here...

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