Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What my biggest problem with Janez Janša is

 He is on the wrong side of the history concerning Slovenian nation either way one would turn coin...sides with white guards(identical movement to Serbian chetniks or Russian white guards - is a nazi affiliated garbage loyal to failed dynasty Karađorđevic-Pavlović), creates provocations for which he knows he has no answer(he is a Yugo provocateur), behaves like a whimpet for political system with which he collaborates against Slovenian nation(set wrong example via own corruption) and with his criminal behavior removes credibility from real concerns our nation is facing. His conduct does opposite from what case should be otherwise and is tarnishing reputation of Slovenia worldwide.

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We as a nation are facing greater and greater challenges because of criminal structures from the past in our society and Janez Janša is amplifying them via Trump alike fascism populism into a nightmare while covering up a covert operations against us for which he knows very well - was/is directly involved in them.

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