Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Princess Anne upon torturing me for days at the time(same as Phillip would), figured out on how I am dangerous and can't be trusted around

Americans laughed when stating and reminding me of deadly plot I commenced against her(DRUGGED UP AS IT GETS) with her servants of which in this case was man as seen on screenshot - her close confidant. 

These people are criminal schizophrenics themselves.

 Their most recent pledge of alliance from American side costed American mothers/fathers alone of no less than 3000 Americans lives.

@Battenbergers and British who are hiding crimes behind this German family(a must evil as they refer to one as) - I am not taking lightly for criminals' attempt to be seen as Putin https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/05/the-worst-place-in-world-for-you-to-run.html and when it comes to Romanoffs(Romanovs), I too would have sign 1918 decree concerning their removal from Russia just as Lenin have(he didn't, but its what schizophrenic criminal Battenberger clan is reproaching to Vladimir Lenin - their hatred  toward working class is just limitless).

Here is what their American puppets have done to USA in a single day

@Battenbergers - enjoy your little videos....

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