Wednesday, May 19, 2021

In 2006, Russian pushed me from scarp in Trska Gora when on our way back from church of St. Mary's birth - nobody gave a f**** about concussion I suffered(broken skull not a problem)

After check at hospital I was good to go home same evening - observed strangely on how I will act once awaken from drugs and that was it...thanked for being nice toward guy who pushed me.

Did broke skull...MK Ultra - for some not guilty till proven guilty for other guilty even whenever you are drugged up...Not dead yet !!???? No problem...lets go forward !!! This was my song for 26 years - US or in Slovenia it made no difference...observing me from the side afterwards(THINK ABOUT HOW DISTURBING S**** LIKE THIS IS - WHEN YOU ARE NORMAL AND THOSE ENGAGING IN CRIME OBSERVE YOU GET TO JUDGE YOU AS PER WHAT NORMAL OR NOT IS)...

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