Monday, April 5, 2021

After not even two hours of sleep, I am ready to go for the day - got my daily dose of radiation

 And trust me, with average of 4-5 hours a day sleep(or less) during last 4 years I know what sleep deprivation does. I am not as lucky as Mr. Navalny contrary to whom I gained weight via one. Sleep deprivation leaves you brain dead for the rest of the day and makes you talking to yourself when exposed to one on a long term. Main stream media con-artist hero Navalny was trained to loose weight during sleep deprivation and also subjected to test prior to one - I know so because I was in Moscow when he went for such evaluation. According to his own words, "its easier to gain weight than lose one" - its truth 

Very very very few tortured people are as funny(facetious) as Mr. Navalny was during his court hearings...the fakest activist in the history of this world, but needed commodity on both sides of the ocean. The fable which main stream media would want you to believe at all costs. 

Daily 15 kilometre walk when it comes to sleep for me, does close to nothing....told about God knows only how many scenarios(useless advises) on how to avoid one during MK Ultra. With sleep deprivation and issues they used against me, most of people(9 in 10) would have gone mad - some 20%(2 in 10) of which I estimate would probably suffer heart failures(died) along the way. ITS WHEN YOU DEVELOP FEAR FROM GOING TO SLEEP AS YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT GET ANY....But this is a real tail - not main stream media b****t.

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