Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This case already have paid off to those involved(and others) in one with idea to help from view concerning truth that came out about one

 Information I released will contribute to your better tomorrow. Nothing like I was told and have seen yesterday, "if you will talk negative stuff we will have students pose you as depressed next to school"(its high school I pass next to almost every day)


On contrary as for the stuff I explained, you will have better/safer tomorrow unlike case was with Pahor who paid occasion visits to sweet-mouth and pose in-front of students(biti baraba lažnivec z polno ritjo niti ni biti težko)...

I clearly demonstrated that police/parliament not only have neglected its duties concerning most severely persecuted victim, but have further involved against one all sorts of criminals and conspired with crime against one. Your tomorrow depends almost entirely on ethics of these agencies as development of human mind control methods is unstoppable.

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