Friday, April 9, 2021

DECIDE ALREADY: They first claimed it was weight loss due to sleep deprivation - its now hunger strike, but memorial dedicated to one was completed already in 2010

 Putin critic Navalny says Russian prison guards are trying to break his hunger strike by frying chicken in front of him 

I think Navalny will be gone within even day/two or very very soon as they insisted in 2010/2012 with don't even think about saying anything blah blah there is people who will go after you otherwise if you do you will have to go to Moscow and so on and so on...

@Navalny - if you come to Slovenia for a visit, I prepare you a chicken myself. Then I turn away from delicious made meal and you can secretly eat one ;) I will know nothing. Promise you...

With problems I am facing, I have a real stuff to worry about - not b.s.

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