Monday, April 26, 2021

Nobody was brainwashed via MK Ultra more than my father - they move him fro one issue to another

 He visited today(supposedly) a Croatian neurologist in Novo mesto. Regardless if I cite Croatian and German governments in 2010, "we don't get involved in it any more because either way we get knife in the back".

I agree. Its not whether neurologist who spoke Croatian language as I was told(it was all about Croatian from what I understood my mom) is either Croat or Serb(mostly Croats didn't even immigrate to Slovenia after war ended in 2000, but there was a flux of Serbs who either immigrated due to political interests from Bosnia/Croatia to Slovenia or simply because they alone no longer wanted to stay in own communities which were/are poisoned with hatred), but instead about individual alone. + Even if Croat person, in my opinion one  sent father on extra examination with good justification(X raying of head to see if he had suffered any bleeding or has something that needs attention) and therefore did nothing wrong but appears that someone else(and that was a facts as I alone was brainwashed under MK Ultra on how to see this very issue) deliberately hyped father into God knows what about this very individual - that is whoever knew my father will have to visit one(neurologist doesn't even have to know about what went on behind her back; its enough they know she is possibly Croat)...that someone was 100% chetnik - either Slovenian and/or Serbian matters not as nothing good can come out of this.

Father is now afraid(nervous) searching for car keys and so on...I feel bad for him as traumas I endured under MK Ultra are beyond unimaginable - beyond insane.

Slovenian state crossed all the red lines in respect to crime in this family(broke one apart completely), but its international community that doesn't stop this chetnik Putin Vucic procedure. Corruption.

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