Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps operated between Belgrade and Ljubljana also as my delivery man on numerous occasions since 1999 if not earlier - father became in his hands just a crazy tool

 who he barely used to trust father even that one was as crazy as it gets during his adventures in Serbia. 

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps is a proven pro Serbian chetnik extremist who also incited in crime for the sake of Serbia. He tried to get me aboard of same train he involved father into it. He involved father into it by insisting one on how two families are old Novo mesto families and as such will help one another so on...not exactly(almost, but not exactly so) so. Dreamed loudly during his verbal life threats about if he would have too, he would trade Novo mesto for city for city in Serbia and am sure you understand what that meant - it was same with Mitja Veber/Weber(niece's husband) and I cite, "will then come back or my children lalalala"...

@Peter Kaps - I will charge you with more than just psychiatric abuse. You incited in hatred not only myself, but also others.

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