Monday, April 12, 2021

46%(according to pole) Of Americans Would Support Dwayne Johnson Running For President but I never ever will support one again because he teamed up with Joe Biden and his sons to extort me

 It should have been Dwayne Johnson whose turn was to run for US president and it was instead Joe Biden who was given advantage with idea as seen so many times before - "rescuing me" once again while pushing me further down the mud - Joe Biden's sons participated in Poland(its also why Biden sicked for 26 years inside of the US Government) with idea for me to collect enough proofs about MK Ultra case on what those would be used to exhort US government financially. Dwayne Johnson with huge international support(specially India UNLESS they implicated fake government officials that would pay visit to this very residence in Novo mesto) implicated in post Biden's presidency to either negotiate 200 billion Dollar cash deal promised to me by US Congress in 2001or to simply destroy me....I am not happy about wasting 26 years of my life on something I have never ever gave green light to out of my own and have proven stated by immigration(attempted escape where I would establish new life via hard work) to no less than 12 countries. JOE BIDEN COVERED UP THIS CRIME FOR NO LESS THAN 26 YEARS WITH IDEA TO FINALLY SILENCE ONE AS EXPLAINED HERE.

Joe Biden at one point blamed me also for his son's death with what he insisted was a possibility something was done to him because of me and so on...

Rescue story which repeated million times before and was/is simply used for widening circle of conflict against me. CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION - I DON'T KNOW ANY OTHER NAME FOR ONE AND CRIME IS CRIME.

26 years to THIS VERY STEP....26 years of lies and job applications used as a trash in recycle internet's bin...Joe Biden in fact was/is a very very good friend of DONALD TRUMP and that I told is a no no - I was this guy hanged for treason against United States of America.


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