Thursday, April 29, 2021

I hope Ukrainian government responds to neonazi provocations(may be organised even by Russians in Ukraine) with thorough investigation in respect to "Galychyna Division" commemoration in Kyiv

 Related to I further call for Ukrainian nationalists to condemn any neonazi movement in Ukraine as one was used in the past to destroy Ukraine and in present to cloud Ukrainian reality on international stage which Russia already used as a pretext for attack on Donetsk as well as Crimea - Russia organised in Ukraine fake nazi commemorations or have used own activists who meddled in celebrations(blended in normal crowds agents who carried on display nazi signs with idea to depict them all as nazis) by displaying nazi signs for world to get wrong idea about those. 

Call for Ukrainian nationalists to accent the difference between nazism and nationalism which on West neonazi machinery also is trying to equalise with nationalism - national traditions, folklore, language, names, and people alone that belong to certain country are not nazi trades as main stream media is trying to brainwash with, but instead national characteristics which every nation on globe has the right too(its what bothered Hitler and Stalin the most when those attempted to delete nations).

Soviet(Russian) imperialism or Nazism use same principles(in final stages both present ethnic cleansing) and are for that matter also due to common history necessary to condemn.

I have a feeling that above seen Galychyna Division celebration in Kyiv was in fact organised by Putan Putanowich alone.

I personally was a victim of such politic for no less than 26 years, so I know how its done and for what purposes.

Vladimir Putin's partners were Milosevic, Karadzic, Seselj, Mladic and other war criminals condemned and trialed as war criminals for crimes against humanity on Balkans who all needed - nazism...and have paid for one as was and it appears to remains for them most desirable commodity.

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