Sunday, April 11, 2021

Russia KILLS/EXILES/IMPRISONS Ukrainian nationals(or Ukrainian Tatars) out of occupied Ukrainian Donetsk/Crimea - clearly engaged and is engaging in ethnic cleansing/genocide/extermination for the sake of lebenraum

 None of which Ukraine have done to Russian minority in Ukraine. It clear/obvious on who neonazi/fascist is specially if we consider latest development on Ukrainian border 

Russia doesn't understand "Slavic" - belives in mind game known as Navalny Putin, Putin Navalny in mids of killing us also on Balkans - its not only in Ukraine....

Because of Kaczynski's politic(Andrej Duda - Morawiecki), I can't even state that whole thig is a product of German politic almost identical to territorial situation of Poland in WWII - Can't say because its Germany(not Poland, not Czech, not Slovakia or any other Slavic state) that expressed open support for Ukraine and condemnation of Russia as neonazi therefore not allowed to say for the sake of Ukraine. This is how far Kaczynski's is failure brought us and don't forget Kaczynski's f***p in Belarus during 2020/2021...POLISH POLITIC IS A SYNONYM FOR DISASTER JUST AS THE POLISH PLANE WAS TO KATYN IN 2010.

Putin and Vucic are only enforcing whatever Russian and Serbian nations demand. Nothing more/nothing less.

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