Thursday, April 8, 2021

Putin/Trump are marching forward: Lawyer: Russian opposition leader Navalny has spinal hernias

 You will see him for a little more and he will be gone. They will remove him...Thas all.

Was MK Ultra scenario(will take place with 100% certainty) about which I care as much as about last year's snow.

Spinal injuries IF REAL indicate possibility he was in Poland about what I also DO NOT CARE despite MK Ultra theorists(bullshit resume writers because of whom I have lost 26 years of life) insisting me on how one could confirm this and that...this is yet the biggest scam in the history of the world. Ruska bajka.

Good night
What a difficulty I have with a plane logic waw, but obvioulsy the biggest problem to me are LIES...can't help myself ;)


Ruska bajka costed me spine injury in Poland - will suffer with one for as long as I live so politicians can laugh. Ruska bajka, regardless, could cost me even more - as it did came with ultimate cost for many, many times before...

Russia will never ever see me again(even less Serbia) despite claiming me that I will return there on my own - even insisting me that I will search for Navalny but he will be long gone etc...

Since Tuesday, April 6, 2021(because it doesn't matter how evil evil is, side that presents itself as good and does same to even support evil is fat more evil than evil alone).

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique next to broken spine according to media and as seen here - I should consider this fact as helpful next to real poisoning, 26 years of MK Ultra torture, psychiatry, and forced unemployment so I can be more like Navalny because of whom politicians might have even turned my life into what you see on here with their human rights agencies/organisation....

My "momma" brainwash under MK Ultra laughingly with I cite, "we are gonna go to home for elderly - what are you gonna do about it !!??? 

With Warp speed(also I was brainwashed on under MK Ultra as per hurry with proofs) heh !!????

Others involved did too and they were all heart broken due to my disturbing "behavior" under MK Ultra

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