Monday, April 5, 2021

It was my own father who carried out per Moscow/Belgrade everything what possibly could have done to stop MK ULTRA INVESTIGATIONS on which West insisted over the years

 Prove it was a task impossible because of my father(family), but West which insisted on it knew it all - they had and have a total agreement with Moscow/Belgrade in respect to one. Found shoes chopped(same almost new shoes and after I already repaired them) for the second time yesterday...doors unlocked two days ago and hi making fun out of same key which he have hidden yesterday prior to what should have been a fishing trip for which mother cried me is needed due to "poor father"'s mental health - he have hidden one inside of the fishing room. Not a night went bye without someone(father) attempting to force his way into my room at night or is chemical agent one is using to block me from sleep. Once niece left a huge dish of chocolate on table yesterday, I knew what night already will be like prior to departure to sleep...

This goes very well along sleep deprivation as a weight loss technique - just ask Navalny about it

For hat seen here which appeared, I was even told what is coming next for me under MK Ultra - I was told one belongs to mom I cite under MK Ultra, "ohhh my hat where have you found one I been searching for one so long"...

Instructions for room bellow were don't go in there as you return from Poland because its dangerous - I will load room with stuff so that you remind yourself of(will create video about what Serbian chetniks have done during MK Ultra in respect to this house and property - not only my room where door is half broken and bent).

Well, all housing projects in Poland had holes even in the walls - not only under the doors. Why !!??? For car they claimed me along radiation theories "chemical poisoning/agent will be used". For my room in Slovenia upstairs that THEY WILL BE FORCED TO ENTER ROOM IF I WOULD DARE TO LEAVE WINDOW OPEN AT NIGHT AS THERE ARE MICRO CAMERAS THAT ALLOW VUCIC/PUTIN TO ADMINISTER ROOM - obviously they suggested cams connected to internet what I doubt, but night visitors or ability to see house from outside exists.

My room in Slovenia is connected to hallways through doors, living room through 10cm diameter hole and garage via 3cm diameter hole...father appears to me didn't took key out of garage doors deliberately and hide one into area for which he knew I would find one next day nor he left doors unlocked the day earlier(same door and door which he otherwise is not used unless car is pulled out which at this point he is not operating) due to coincidence...he appears wants build in me a belief for shared guilt with neighbors which in this cases doesn't exist.

Use of chemical agents A VERY VERY POSSIBLE SCENARIO. Funny my mother who went sleep last night at 2200 hours had a problem with my door this morning at 0630am...scolded me.

As you see Putin steals the show and new American president is not bothered with it just as the case was with his predecessor. And sleep deprivation is a new weight loss technique...related to

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