Monday, April 5, 2021

Slovenian CHETNIK Aleš Hojs involved in MK Ultra torture was also a great friend of Željko Ražnatović - Arkan

 It was thanks to him Arkan and Ceca would get my visitations to Serbia - fun. So I do like to thank him for that matter on behalf of the two. He used special individual to transport me down there. This CHETNIK is now a minister of the Interior. It will be a Ražnatović that will save you according to his own words - no one else...very nice yes.

After the end of the term of the Minister of Defense in the second Janša government, he got a job at the branch of the company DRI in Belgrade, where he led the construction of motorways and much of it is not written anywhere - I am also for ban on the concert of the Croatian musician Marko Perković-Thompson in Slovenia(this musician is a problematic neonazi singer), but for totally other reasons than Hojs. Hojs blocked also Croatia on her way into Schengen - not only Croatian singer - it was part of his agenda one disclosed me in advance rationalizing one with my safety.

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