Friday, April 9, 2021

@Neighbor Ales Berger

 Just tell your wife and your daughters about siblings you made in Belgrade - otherwise, don't worry about me.

Nor did his father Miro nor his brother Marco agreed to his transports of me to Belgrade and/or violent outbursts he had during MK Ultra. Its why Marco even stopped participating in MK Ultra.

Vucic stated me infront of him that he would(after one spent extensive ammount of time in Belgrade during what most likley was 2002 - once he stayed there for some time and did also some study at home in Novo mesto for some Serbian company/refinery or something) that he would offer him even a job for executive in Serbia.

@Alesko - Really not my problem, but thanks for reminding me yesterday.

Alesko requested fresh meet from Vucic due to his wait on me when in Serbia - so his nights were shorter before one returned to his darling...

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