Saturday, April 24, 2021

On Bosnian question too, I was most severely brainwashed and conditioned on how to see things as - same as when it came to Azerbaijan

 They wanted to create a total scapegoat out of me in front of international community whatever is they suggested one against me on the first place as I did displayed under MK Ultra signs of hostility and against Azerbaijanis and Bosnians - well, MK Ultra has nothing to do with reality and the one prevailing in one is the one who has stronger grip(is the first one) on victim. Mr. Milorad Dodik set next to me whenever brought to this very house in Slovenia and observed even my facial reactions from meter distance while having others brainwash me...he too is nothing more than a war criminal. 

He feared NATO more than anything and its why they created Slovenian issue(made in Slovenia) known as "non paper"(division and termination of Bosnian state). Mr. Kucan Milan insisted me that if I see something like this it would only be because of full consent of EU members - wanted me to see whole thing as deal done already in which I shouldn't meddle for my own sake since one involved EU member states...obviously not like this. I see EU member states supporting Bosnian federation and declining development of any war situation on Balkans.

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