Sunday, April 11, 2021

In respect to independent state of Slovenia, this MK Ultra case have proven to be engineered(guided - led by people) with idea to deprive Slovenian nation of its independence

 Chetnik Serbian state have along Slovenian traitors from Ljubljana conditioned involvement of Slovenian people in this MK ULTRA case often times with death - if patriotic and close to me, one was listed as good to go. Every individual who got opportunity to participate in case was thoroughly checked by Borut Pahor&Co. personally.

This is why even in Slovenia as you have seen for the most part Serbs - Its not my way to say thank you as I do plan on helping these people best to my abilities, but real reason as per why/how to be known.

Based on facts not only on what I have witnessed drugged up right here in my own country, own city, own house where brought for torture by Donald Trump's cronies from Miami, USA - 11.5 years and then other parts of US another year and half.... 

"Yugoslavia"(its main reason as per why Yugoslavia have fallen apart as they had war with every nation) was just a pretext used via tanks against those who craved for freedom from insane chetnik occupation.

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