Monday, April 12, 2021

MK ULTRA: Identified yesterday was a girl involved in MK Ultra since 1995(Simona) and her husband

Updated on April 17th, 2021

Again identified in pitch dark night on my way to Trška Gora, but yet have to get confirmations about it...

Didn't get any confirmations, but you were hit by the car(you only mentioned car accident, but it was car that hit you when on your way pick your children I think) in 2001/2002 in vicinity of school - I think Gimnazija and the one who made problem with this portion of memory were Russians who learned about you as your husband was career soldier. 

You used to have several(at least three high mountain peeks you went prior to accident with your ex husband - in fact, you just started to express serious interests for mountain climbing/hiking when accident occurred) mountain climbing/hiking trips prior to accident which left you disoriented/balance issues(in your case you claimed others that it was your organ for balance that suffered, but could be perhaps less or more You two divorced in 2008 I think and you all used to live in apartment building most likely at Nad Mlini area(I think 22 Smrečnikova ulica area). Originally I think you are from house on Grm - parents have house I think and possibly(I am unsure about it), your light skinned(perhaps was even blonde) husband from Ulica Marjana Kozine area...

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