Friday, April 9, 2021

REPEAT: Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at

One thing is when you threaten me, but when you threaten(condition them lives with crimes you committed against me and them in our homeland) my family with crime...

Funny thing was it was my father/family who followed up on me next day(AGAIN) per as this video caused Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic a lots of damage with facts pertaining to my case in respect to closest circle of people's assassinations in Slovenia.

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