Tuesday, April 27, 2021

MK ULTRA YESTERDAY - Identified at Otočec were two young Slovenian gentleman involved in MK Ultra and their parents/grandparents - told to not play audio by young chetnik Serb who also participated

 Concerns Straža area. Ultra violent Serb who was pushed out of case due to his violence(has house next to road in Straza) whose child(also just like his father displayed under MK Ultra violent thuggish behavior) learned about this case ordered me yesterday when in presence of two other kids to not play audio. 

Identified(and its why one was there - to extort/condition normal kids), however, was a young 16 years old boys - one of Slovenian origins whose grandfather had blonde mustaches and is about 1.7 or 1.75 meter tall(is from Straža area, Vavta vas to be more exact toward Jurka vas), and other 17 boy of Bosnian Serbian origins(mom Serbian / father Bosnian - mom didn't even care about her origins till one came to Slovenia and local Serbs on behalf of Aleksandar Vucic begun to pressure her) same age for whom I have pointed out even what his father looks like via actors photo, year when his father who never lived in Slovenia moved from Sweden to Austria(I told you that people got also jobs via this case), type of work his father did and does, fact that his mom had brother and his wealth status - everything stated on here was confirmed as a fact with exception of self classified young Serbian whom I have mistaken, but who also refused to answer questions and whose purpose was as stated above administration of other two.

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