Thursday, April 8, 2021

Navalny in fact was one of the first on mission in Poland - totally unfit for such service without any work, he developed serious problems with spine what prompted in upper crazy political circle retaliatory measures

  against me since I dismissed(drugged up and under MK Ultra bullied, but guilty yes) any empathy for people who reported themselves for such service, but have failed for whatever reason to complete one. 

Just two years earlier(assuming Navalny completed Poland in 1997/1998 - perhaps 6 months thats all and the easy way, by lots of complains crying complains and am not saying he didn't suffer as he wasn't used to it as a city boy or fit due to physiological issues), I completed contract with Celebrity Cruise Line which required 20 hours a day work(at times

heavy work and all the time very dynamic as a busboy/waiter and would walk in socks soaked in my own blood night and day every day for 6 months ignoring pain with idea to complete contract - I didn't know ON TIME about special shoes which are used by sailors due to amount of work is why) 7 days a week knowing that none of this kids would lasted weeks...the biggest complainers were Russians, and since I bitched them(I was drugged up under MK Ultra) - Kremlin promised retaliation which was just an excuse for Kremlin's world of lies and violence to which they had NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to resort too. Its called terrorism as I am native of Slovenia with also American citizenship. Russia committed act of war crime with its terrorism against me.

Navalny wouldn't walk away from it once he completed his dues in Poland: he kept coming back instead on Polish picture over the years...Navalny overall was a nice person...he involved me with his family and must say his children are very nice - well educated and tolerant(extremely accepting otherwise Navalny's mom, got angry at me at one point too but I have no clue why). He appears to have done good work on Putin as far as investigation, but I am angry on dishonest attempt for me to see picture in different way as is. I am not politician as explained above under "terrorism" and bare no obligation for crime acceptance against myself whatsoever toward ANY FOREIGN NATION and this includes Russia which along Serbia have gone into area of ethnic cleansing against me. I decline to serve as a political tool as such(specially under given circumstances I am in because of Russia and Serbia) to anyone specially when whole thing concerning Navalny and Putin appears to be connected to one another under the table and is used by media to blackmail me by censoring me and concentrating instead attention in direction of fake people when compared to issue as big as myself - this makes me wonder per whom/why all this(in a plot, one that resolves one for the sake of victim usually is per whom plot takes place or why - I expect from Russia no less than confession/admission of involvement in crime against me not magic solution or even reconciliation).

Others related to Poland from Russia included also Russian dude from Donetsk I met in Vitebsk immigration center(Vova) and I think even Tadjik boy tried regards to all of you.

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