Saturday, June 13, 2020

If you see news such as Polish police will get cars Skoda, know we made and arrangement with Czech against you

Pollacks learn fast is all I can say. 

In a country where European Union is guilty for it all even that everything is financed by one(know I do not adhere t European Union because of her most murderous Soviet alike involvement against me), I am glad they revealed me their intentions under MK Ultra as their wishes reveal to me who I dealt/deal with. 

I was severely beaten up for those signs that stand all over the place where it says financed by European Union...beaten up. Hit in stomach, spit in, threatened...but if those signs wouldn't stand all over the place, I wouldn't even know why all that great stuff I had to undergo under MK Ultra...

Even if person who knew about future purchase misinterpreted me news as lie of his own(whoever that was, he had highly classified financial information which only top Polish authorities have).

"You will always love to return to Poland...Poland will give you a name"(yeah, aha)....

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Jakiś czas później mężczyźni zostali zatrzymani przez policję. To Polacy, w wieku 42 i 35 lat. Nie wiadomo, jaki był motyw tego zabójstwa. Obaj zostali osadzeni w areszcie."

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