Friday, June 26, 2020

MK ULTRA: Mr. Steve Ballmer steps out to remind me of MK Ultra sessions at his place

What you see, is Steve's second residence(still is wow) - wood made luxury log house where he would take me frequently. He owned one already in 1996/1997 if not earlier. Behind him you see is a round object which purpose I have forgotten to be honest(Steve will not forgive me😀 for this - sorry now, I know you work hard time and again whenever you brought me to your place to keep my memory alive - think has something to do with window as having ability to open one with it ? I know its exclusive and nobody other has it), however, always was there. 

His #1 residence if I recall(where he lived with his wife/kids) was a gated apartment community. #2 residence(between  think 2005 and 2008 all new construction) has entrance as seen here and huge exit circular garage ramp.

I know what log looks like also on the outside - I can describe area where log is located. Wife that protested to his log, but he wouldn't give one away for life. Steve purchased according to my MK Ultra account his log(think he told me bonus was either $20.000 or 50.000 for few years of work at Microsoft - it was just before wife hooked him up or so that he spent his money quickly - perhaps two were in relationship few years and she protested, but he wouldn't give in story ;p) before he started his relationship with some sorts of money which was either tied to benefit he received or something like this...

Mr. Ballmer when got involved into MK Ultra was close to penniless when compared to his today's picture and am just gad things worked out for him and his wife as good as they did.
Okay guys thank you very much.

Seattle is work of Mr Gates - his architectural design for the city was picked by him alone and is envied by other competitors wannabes country wide.

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