Friday, June 12, 2020

Abortion is a human right - not church's privilege to decide

When in Lodz city(Gdanska 10), we had a real terrorist driving on a broad day light back and forth distributing hateful message to public by yelling anti abortion slogans via megaphone from his crazy vehicle...ński-chce-zmian-w-ustawie-antyaborcyjnej-to-trzeba-naprawić/ar-BB15paue?li=BBr5MK7 

Police never ever reacted to violent terrorist who obviously obtained Polish permit for his acts of terror against public. 

There is a thin line between freedom of speech(free speech we see in US came with extra costs - costed no less than 70 million lives just 70 years ago) and hateful speech which Poland seems have just as US, mistaken one for another.

While Christian, don't even think for a second to take me for a fascist ride known as "abortion issues".

WOMEN'S BODIES ARE WOMEN'S RIGHTS !!! No one is to decide other than themselves on pregnancy issues and we as a CIVILIZED societies of which healthcare is part of life improvement, are to serve them to our best. Everything else is a fascism.

Can't imagine to be female who would walk down the street and listen terrorist talking about my human rights as the case was/is right here in center of the Poland.

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