Saturday, June 13, 2020

News about Trump's marriage in 2005 surfaced on yahoo - I was told case will be to set me up as was brought again like animal(uncle Tom) to attend one

Where I again met Clintons, Bushes, and few others...but not in the ballroom - upstairs inside of the room ONLY. Because Trumpetin anticipated my confirming stated and have video recorded whole thing to counter my claims. 

Have I seen more ? Yes, they placed something on my head(could be just wig, but I think was more - possibly even mask) and Eric Trump took me downstairs as well :)))

Trump repeatedly bragged about issue known as "will marry her if negotiations will go along well only".

All(not every person on party knew me, but whatever is mentioned and far beyond all) people mentioned here knew about MK Ultra case.

Feels as if one is animal...tired/braindead...guided like a dog; not human being. Depending of the worst of the worst - waiting to be insulted, spit at....hit and laughed at...if you like this, MK Ultra is just right for you.

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