Friday, June 12, 2020

DESPERATE TRUMP NOW EXTORTING FOREIGN OFFICIALS: Kangaroo Court should refer(hope will) your neonazi asses with aid of domestic courts to Nurnberg trial as the case already was

Pompeo(heavy😀😁😂😂 Trumpet team member ) threatens even International Criminal Court officials with forced unemployment(property damages known as "economic" sanctions). Check this out...connects his neonazi issues with Afghanistan to gain support from officials of the countries involved in NATO operations there :)))) in another words, he asks for well planned escalation of nazism via false threat on foreign officials who were forced for the most part to submit themselves to 911 George Bush's neonazi politic :)))) HOW NICE TO REMIND US OF YOUR BLOODY DEEDS MR. BUSHY....

As far as 911(Twin Tower bombings) - who were recent tire slashers we have seen during BLACK LIVES MATTER operation !!?????

 Now you get a real idea about what went on what goes on in US since Bill Clinton...

It is important for foreign officials to distance themselves from American politic we see today as far as possible and to also condemn one most severely as is nothing other fascism we have seen 70 something years ago.


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