Sunday, June 28, 2020

What most racist hateful community in Europe looks like from homophobic point of view - not from Polish media

Sexuality no longer key to happiness - seems hatred begun to take its place at least in Poland where gay/lesbian people are not ALLOWED to exist on 1/3 of Polish territory thanks to own laws which they created..from own experience I can tell its normal to see strange vehicle rolling down the street in city as big as Lodz on a bright daylight and listen to Al-Qaeda alike hateful antiabortionist speech - during Coronavirus crises when masks are worn, one could even think to have found her/himself somewhere in Mideast.

1/3 of Poland proclaimed their regions as LGBT FREE communities - basically communities where lesbian/gay people are not allowed to exist due to special resolutions. It sure is horror and one demonstrates realty about country 17 years latter after one somehow found itself inside of European Union. Perhaps even luckily for Berlin.

They invented anti LGBT stickers with which they mark area for people to be aware are FREE OF LGBT. Indifferent from Adolf Hitler's Germany where areas with Jews and Jews alone were branded with similar signs...


A court in Warsaw has ruled that the issue of Gazeta Polska with “LGBT Free Zone”-stickers must be withdrawn. People can report the distribution of the stickers to the police. LOVE AND THE RULE OF LAW WINS IN POLAND

Use google translate to obtain whole article translation from Slovenian state news agency:

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