Saturday, June 13, 2020

Trumpet poses in-front of Polish pope bronze statue(St John’s Episcopal church) in his "favorite" church

Favorite is at least what I was instructed by a psychopath personally to be :))) Why I had to listen to his meaningless diarrhea - he knows only. He also talked about bible under MK Ultra - about Coup d'état on United States of America for which Poland knew absolutely EVERYTHING. 

But things aren't that bad, Slovenia is where Melania Trumps(home country of Melania and myself) is completely rejected for example. People pay attention(solidarity) to American struggle and reject notion about as Slovenian in as whole. Even between Slavs, huge differences exist. These differences are pointing out clearly in direction of Poland as one to be the least related to other Slavic tribes, but this is Polish nations' choice that other Slavs must not regret.

About "favorite" mentioned above, you can ask psycho alone and will explain you(favorite as one is using divide and conquer technique to break Slavic unity - on one side support Polish pope bronze statue in whom all Poles see themselves and on other cheers for Hitler's decimation of Poland during WWII is a well accepted Kaczynski/ Duda/ Morawiecki's rhetoric). I wouldn't be surprised even if one would take plane and land in Poland once due to justice in US.



In Poland, Kaczynski is calling for fascism issues to defend his rule which "good and bad" Poles supported...we have to define country as per what one is according to her relation to human struggle from outside of her borders and not only withing system alone(both terms display the worst possible record for Poland)".

Ohhh, they did connected themselves with variety of US agencies to guarantee them well being from both sides in case Trump wouldn't win presidency. For every deadly MK Ultra brainwash and violence, Poles had always had next to main scenario 10 different scenarios handy to interpretate me their lies..

In Slovenia where Melania Trump is Persona non grata, and people staged protest in-front of American embassy in support of Black Lives Matter movement...

Yesterday on June 12th, 2020 - the witch house seen behind is where US embassy is located in capital city of Ljubjana.

Never been any different from what you see bellow(makes no sense to even bother reading Polish news media), but this is what good and bad Poles project as news to one another today on June 13th, 2020. See nothing, hear nothing, know nothing nation.

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