Friday, June 12, 2020

Second most involved American psychologist(possibly even psychiatrist) was here today for a short visit as promised

This was second most involved person in MK Ultra. I hoped for one to stay a bit longer, but he left as he gestured most likely would. This was one of the sharpest individuals I have ever seen. 

He was always ready for action, really fun to be around with(except he never cared for rivers/lakes - at least not around me as he anted me to concentrate on other issues), and a real freedom loving American if I was describe one properly. Could be he was of Jewish faith, but matters not. Great person. While he looked very much like neonazi Craig Cobb(long hair and even facial), one hated Cobb with passion - something I was greatful to one when he begun to condition his involvement to Trumpet with further presence of Craig Cobb whom Trump kept bringing back to Poland.

Was here I think with red fiat, but this is car he borrows from friends whenever in Poland and not his car ;) Cheers mate...I appreciate anyways. I was busy with online store project and didn't know where to look for you either. You, however, did. Lets hope to bump in one another again.


As far as owner of this location...this was(I am certain he still is) a personal friend of Donald Trump. One of closest people to Donald Trump who hosted Trump in his home in Pabianicah many many times.

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