Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Congratulations on new China USA deal - just as I have suggested for conflict in Kashmir to India, I hope for China to share its economy as well with India

This way American fascist lodging inside of the White House gets in his ass from front and rear(his presidency proved to be a costly one for American taxpayers already)

I would go as far as offering American investors same conditions(better if only possible, so they can learn again or be reminded of what world looks like outside of the nazi box) in China/India for high tech. as they had them at home prior to 2018...

Why to bag for H-1B visas when America(Bill Gates alike investors) will happily flock to you. For COV 19(also swine flu, ebolas, zikas, influenzas and all other flues produced by what we see is lodging inside of the White House alike trailer trash), I suppose, you don't care - at least no one should.

Great thing about nazis is they have a lots of money - they will pay on general more than what otherwise would(make sure to charge them well) as they are NOWHERE welcome ;) 

Carry on mister Trump😁😂...

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