Friday, June 19, 2020

Indian Narendra Modi have bitten neonazi $$$ pill - taking India on a path of betrayal(WAR) against humanity in crucial moment

American neonazi bully state using Taiwan and India for assault on China - Coronavirus was well prepared. We can see attacks on China from all around China taking place against China. It sems all for nothing.

Why India acts in a Narendra Modi's mode is simply because of much needed $$$$investment$$$$ in its economy. Is basically selling out humanity knowing it will soon found itself on a nazi plate.

China depicted in a nasty for neighbor poster not a coincidence. Modi's rhetoric response to casualties on border was also aggressive - threatening in support to Donald Trump.

Violent - barbaric and prepared ahead of conflict. This is not how responsible president(respond = ESCALATE) acts nor do normal people BEHAVE

Its an instigation.

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