Tuesday, June 9, 2020

COUP D'ETAT: These are not police officers; there are hired assassins(provocateurs) wearing police uniforms with badges

Their pay day is coming/ no worries. Those who will replace Trump's administration which declared war on America will make sure boys like this get deserved benefits for their "public service" to American taxpayers(the only thing missing on their shoulders are neonazi swastikas)

We have nazism in the US organized by marginal groups as seen here trying to escalate conflict into a larger national racial war as ordered by individual inside of the White House.

Most of these hired assassins trace to mercenaries(many are offenders let in force disregarding hiring process due required for law enforcement officers) which engaged in killings abroad. It is important to observe them and report them to authorities, so those can deal with them efficiently. It takes more than just badge, uniform, and pistol for law enforcement officer to be real law enforcement officer.

2020 - Donald Trump for jail not presidency.
Avoid Biden as one isn't doing anything other than warming up conflict as I told you case will be...is part of establishment. We are witnessing COUP D'ETAT in US - make no mistake and one is organized by establishment not Trump alone.

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