Tuesday, June 30, 2020

WARNING TO BLACK LIVES MATTER: "Eat the Rich." is where and when protests are loosing value and will end with catastrophic outcome for protesters

Its okay to protest on streets of cities against racism, but not okay to bully people on their private properties based on wealth they accumulated if not breaking laws. With conduct as seen here, you will loose support from those wealthy people who actually are on your side and are giving you employment. With anarchism as seen here to which Chinese would respond in China if something like this would have happened with police and mass arrests/most likely even deportations, you set movement in direction in which clearly you are violating rights of privacy of the people which in developed world is a no no. Something even middle or lower class class will declare you as no no. 

Toppling down colonial statues(NOT CHURCHILL OR TRUMAN), protesting police brutality for the sake of racism which we see is taking place is okay - but going further is counter productive. Public is watching you and you are judged based on social justice system for which public in most part(most people do) agrees have to protect your equality, but that can be all changed rapidly if your protests instead of meeting violent police officers on streets of major metropolitan areas instead meet isolated couples on their private properties just because of their wealth status. Trust me, I know what public sees as right and wrong. 

Because protesting against people's dreams(ambitions) as long as those are in line with laws is plane wrong. Because it doesn't mean that if you don't want to work that those who do should also have nothing like yourself for you to see yourself equal withing society. Its why...counter productive and probably would be condemned more in a communist China than anywhere else in the world.

I do like Obama(experienced politicians) to get involved more in protests - in fact prior to protests for this groups to consent with experienced politicians Obama alike who often times do have better overview of public policies than protesters alone.

I know they involved during informal talks about what will go on prior to what we see is taking place examples of people as seen here with idea to dare(challenge you with "lets see if you dare") you, but know that you have a whole more you can loose(and you will if public eye starts to eye you in a negative violent light) than them as you are many and they are just few. 

Play smart where/whenever matters for you(all of us) to matter.

Your main priority is equality. Racism is your main priority to deal with. Social justice is your main priority. Fighting state related to racism crime is your man priority - not wealth status of people of whom many(most are) are even on your side.

You will not do "Eat the Rich." in front of my home infront of my children/wife - I tell you that. + what do I know when approached with mob like this if playing passive whether some of them won't return at night for some more since I have no even fence on my property...

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