Sunday, June 28, 2020

MK Ultra: Slovakian leader of "We Are Family" has already 11 children with no less than 10 wives(his career took of took off after involvement into my MK Ultra case)

Also early, but not so early participant into MK Ultra was Boris Kollar. He knew how to play cards well. He sided with KGB(back then still very influential in Slovakia) while eyeing with Western investors and as a result yielded lucrative career. He goes back into 1998 or so...perhaps even 1999. 

Impregnating women was at the time of negotiations between post cold war Western and Eastern Europe the biggest fun(a sport) next to well described on this news site Hunger Games Donald Trump invented...Putin as I told you must have impregnated some 1000 woman(often times drugged up and raped during sleep) if not even was nothing other than whoring that went on. Boris when compared to Putin seems decided to go public instead and it could be just to prove this case as real as possible.

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