Thursday, June 25, 2020

Poland to become buffer zone for war games between Germany and Russia - "we go back to normal" says Morawiecki

Its why I insisted on a first place for Poland to become nuclear power, but Kaczynski had better plans. Nuclear Poland after-all, would pose threat to what we see is happening today when US military is departing from Germany and on German behalf moving to Fort Drumpf next door. 

"Normal Times" whatever Morawiecki had in his head(with statement he admitted to be not normal since he was on power since 1995 via Kaczynskis) require for German border tmove Eastwards toward Belarus/Kaliningrad border - its where drama will play out in case Russia will object great NATO plans for the world - in meanwhile Germany will take care rest of the Poland. Hitler's dream comtruth with Duda in Washington is all I can say.
More vodka, more drugs, and more back to normal....Slavic community should be aware about what went on with this country during neonazi negotiations as well as in what direction country is awards for producing children go well along vodka type of dependence lost in total corruption economy...

At Slavic community - there s no such thing for me as good and bad in a country where they argue a lot, but where no one saw/heard or knows got my point am sure. Don't become next in line of scam as they continue on their path to "more normal"...a threat for the world not only Slavic community. History repeats.
I have an onld personal saying...I cite myself, "if it looks stupid, probably is" this case, however, is a bit different...If it looks like a Satan, probably is.

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